A Good Friday Lament

My God, my God, how can you not be angry?

How can you be silent at a time like this?
Can you not hear the plaintive cries of your suffering Son?

You have seen it all, and from the beginning of time.

A world created as home for your children.
Reduced to deserts and wasteland,
Paradise raped by violent men and money,
machines of death and monsters
that devour resources like fried chicken.

My God, my God how can you not be livid?

A people born of your love, each one shaped in your image.
Now turned rogue and renegade,
Rejecting the life offered and embodied in Jesus.
The gentle healer is brutalised and bloody,
one more victim and casualty.
Wood and nails

My God, my God how can you not be enraged?

Betrayal and corruption everywhere.
The son of God sold for a month’s salary,
thirty pieces of silver,
Rent and groceries.
A beloved country held hostage by a criminal president
puppeteering with power while people live impoverished.

And what about us huddled here
Full of Facebook fear
WhatsApping our opinions to those who agree with us
Saying we want change
But never changing ourselves.

My God, my God how can you not be incensed?

Or are you?

Are you angry?

Is this crushing of Jesus, your violent rage?
In your fury do you need to break something,
… someone?
… him?
Are threats of brimstone damnation not enough?
Are you finally so fed up that bones must splinter,
blood must be spilt?
Do you have to unleash your wrath on this innocent man
and how the Hell does that satisfy anything?

Are you a rapist or a redeemer?

Are you frustrated and fickle,
might you still be the Father this bloodied dying man said you are?

We need to know God.
We need to know God.
We need to know.
For Christ’s sake God, say something!

My God, my God by forsaking him, have you also forsaken us?

That cannot be true.
It must no be true

Here’s the thing God…
If you aren’t who Jesus described you to be,
you may as well hang us on that cross with him
and be done with it all for eternity.

Father into your hands we commit our confusion.