Services Offered

Life change integration.

Seasons are a part of nature, and our lives have seasons too.  The change of life seasons can sometimes be as stormy as the change of seasons in nature.

Having a place and a person with whom to reflect on these life changes can be very integrating for the emerging phase of your life.

Crisis support and encouragement

There is a saying that, “Only bad things happen quickly”.

The crises of life are those moments when something overwhelming occurs and all our usual coping mechanisms fail to adequately support us.

Therapeutic conversation at these times can help restore our equilibrium and ability to cope.

Health transition adjustment

A change in health status can change your entire life.

Finding mental and spiritual health within this change often benefits from  the assistance of a therapist.

Relationship conflict transformation

Given the pressures of modern life, sustaining our intimate relationships can be challenging.

Talking in a safe environment to an independent professional mediator can help diffuse the tension.

Learning new skills along the way adds value for the future of the relationship.

Most relationships survive conflict if partners are prepared to manage the conflict skilfully.

Bereavement and Loss processing

Life is a journey, and on the path there are beginnings and endings.

Loss can be a devastating experience.

The loss of life, of love or even of a limb can leave us bereft and in need of special care.

Parenting empowerment

To nurture another human life into adulthood is a great gift and challenge.

Often what we learnt or experienced in our growing up is not useful or helpful for our children.

Empowerment comes from discovering new ways of being a “good enough” parent and how to discharge this sacred duty creatively.

Spiritual guidance and discernment

Everyone seems to be an expert in spiritual matters.

But what is the most fruitful and life giving path for your life?

Reflecting with an experienced spiritual traveller can help you draw and follow the map of your destiny.

Prayer practice enhancement

Most of us learn to pray as children.

But few of us develop adult prayer practices to match our adult lives.

In privacy and confidentiality you can learn to pray in ways that are mature and consoling.

Life choice coaching

What to do? What to do?”.

Have you ever made a list of two columns: “for” and “against”?

How frustrating when the two lists end up completely equal!

Unpacking your dilemma in a secure place where there is no judgement, will empower you to choose  with care and wisdom.

Terminal illness accompaniment

To be told that you have a dread disease is one of the greatest traumas in life.

Despite that, many walk that road positively and have experienced their dying as one of the most profound blessings of their life.

Born of many years experience, including work with hospice, I would be privileged to journey with you and your loved ones through this time.

Dream interpretation

The history of religion is full of dreams that have changed  lives.

Often called the “Hidden language of God” or “The soul’s secret language”, our dreams have much to tell us about our souls.

Simple keys to unlocking this pathway to self understanding reveals the  inner self you want to understand.

Life visioning

Sometimes one has to stop and take a long hard look at the reality of what is.

Give yourself some space to reflect, reorient and recharge your understanding and vision of life.

Ministry support  and supervision

The nurturing professions, educators, healers, carers, public leaders take their toll in stress, anxiety and depression.

The discipline of sharing your work confidentially and confessionally on a regular basis can support and strengthen your essential work.