So what is Pastoral Counselling?

Pastoral Counselling has evolved as a discipline from  Theology,  Pastoral Work  and Spiritual Direction.

Classically, the work of a priest or minister was the conversion, nurture and “cure of souls”.

As the human sciences of psychology and sociology developed and informed healing practices the discipline of Pastoral Counselling evolved.

The encounter with mindfulness and contemplative practices from  the world’s religions has also informed the discipline.

The secularization of society coupled to the decline of the church in some cultures, has left many people without access to this important aspect of healing.

As a Specialist Pastoral Counsellor registered with the Southern African Association for Pastoral Work (S.A.A.P.),  I offer my services beyond the context of any church denomination and even beyond the boundaries of the Christian Church as my work is overseen and directed by the S.A.A.P. and its Code of Ethics.

To benefit from  Pastoral Counselling one does not require any specific religious orientation or beliefs.  The process is dynamic and determined by the needs and context of the person.  At the same time,  if one is deeply religious that will form the core around which the therapy is offered.

In each case your  life views and values are respected and the therapeutic interactions help to nurture and heal from where you are as a person.

What happens in a session?

Pastoral Counselling can best be described as a enabling and nurturing conversation conducted in a safe and completely confidential environment.

You determine what you want to discuss and to what depth you want to discuss it.

The Pastoral Counsellor is trained to meet you exactly where you are and help you make sense and find purpose and clarity on the processes that are taking place in your life.

As interactive beings, the process of conversation and reflection in an atmosphere of spiritual and emotional support can be healing and life changing.

I do hope you will make use of this service for your own healing or growth.